Some of the questions our review seeks to answer are the following:

  1. Are you addressing the right audience? Are your goals clear?
  2. Are your potential clients able to tell who you are, what you do, and what successes have you had?
  3. Is sales message simple? Are the fonts easy to read? Are the images appropriate? The colors? Are there web developer tricks that distract from your message or may confuse visitors?
  4. Are the calls to action strategically placed? Are any pop ups annoying? Are chat bots easy to find?
  5. Is there a careers page with job opportunities and how to apply?
  6. Does your website look as good on a smart phone screen?
  7. How many social sharing icons do you show?
  8. Do you have a blog? Are the articles interesting or just disguised sales pitches?
  9. Does the footer include a privacy policy? Your location/s? Phone number, email, contact form? A map? Is the © year 2021? 

LFQR’s mission is to help you attract more clients, increase revenue, and avoid costly mistakes that tarnish your brand. We also believe that from seeing other law firms' successes and mistakes, you will definitely learn what works and what to avoid.

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